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College Development Teams

College Recommendations:

With millions of High School athletes across the country, it is virtually impossible for every kid to showcase their talent to college recruiters. At Future Prospects Instructional Baseball, Charles provides his student athletes with a venue to display their ability and show that they can compete at the next level. Working with Future Prospects will help you GET NOTICED!

Charles received his 2001 World Series Championship Ring while he was a Regional Cross Checker for the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Charles has had relationships with nearly every college in the nation working as a professional baseball scout for 10 years. And he has continued those relationships with top Division I, II and III schools in the US.  Playing for Future Prospects teams offer kids the opportunity to play at a high level of competition while receiving the best instruction until they are ready to graduate from high school.

In addition, your child’s relationship with Future Prospects Baseball will not have to end at that time.  We have developed and cultivated strong relationships with college coaches and professional scouts; the credibility of a recommendation from FPB will go a lot further than one from most travel ball coaches.  Your child will have an incredible advantage upon graduating from high school and will have opportunities and options that would otherwise not be available.  Furthermore, as we continue to expand, many of our past players will have the chance to return to FPB as coaches and be able to give back some of what they have learned from us.

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Future Prospects is now proud to introduce our partnership with Sports Force, a college preparatory organization that helps prepare and mentor athletes through the college recruiting process. The partnership between Future Prospects and Sports Force will maximize college scholarship & recruiting opportunities, giving your athlete the best chance to move onto the next level.